Natalie Piercy-Fedorchenko

Anglo-Russian Artist

Classical Seascapes Nature and Portraits of People and Their Pets



Many of Natalie's paintings reflect her background and culture in Russia and the journey through there and onto settling in the United Kingdom and her impressions and love of her adopted country.


Much of that story is told originally sub-consciously through the medium of painting; sometimes she realised only afterwards that this was the effect. In other cases she deliberately set out to give a message to the viewer, especially in her copy of the famous “Troika”, by Vasily Grigorevich Perov shown above.


Natalie can speak with authority about Russian society in the 20th and 21st centuries. Everything is not always as it seems to a Western observer who often can only rely on mainstream media.


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With best wishes


Michael and Natalie Piercy


Copy of the famous “Troika”,

of Vasily Grigorevich Perov which hangs in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow

by Natalie Piercy-Fedorchenko in 2014.  Natalie has added the words "Mother Russia, Huge is your burden, enormous are your sufferings, peace shall be your reward"